8 Ways to get more subscription box customers using Facebook Lead Ads

If youhave been running Facebook Ads for your Subscription Box for a while, you haveprobably seen the Lead Ad feature. Lead Ads are a unique type of Facebook Adthat will allow a user to have their Facebook held information pre-filled intoan online form and submit this to you without leaving Facebook.

Foranyone doing Lead Generation this new ad type has been a massive win! It’s asuper simple way to get customer information from a prospect without themneeding to leave the Facebook Platform (which Facebook hates by the way).

However,something I noticed is that most Subscription Box businesses haven’t been usingthis great feature to its potential. In fact, to be honest I’ve not really seenanyone using Lead Ads for anything other than the odd Kickstarter campaign.

I thinkthat’s dumb!

At thecore of all successful Subscription Box businesses you are going to find a VERYstrong email marketing presence. I know email accounts for a massive % of mysales each month. But very few of us put much effort into growing this listusing paid traffic beyond what we do during out initial launch.

So, urgedon by a suggestion in the Subscription School Facebook Group (checkit out if you haven’t already – it’s THE place to talk about growing asubscription box biz), I’ve thought of 8 ways you can use Lead Ads to grow youremail list and generate more customers.


1. Use the lead ads as the base for a competition.Enter and win

Competitions are a staple in the list building world. Everyone loves a freebee.Don’t use expensive tools like gleam, it’s a great tool, and I suggest using ithere, but if you are just starting out this might be a cheaper way for you toachieve the same result. To collect emails – just use Facebook Lead Ads! Theywill grab all the Facebook user information from their profile. Making itsimple and easy for them to enter :)

2. Run a retargeting campaign that mimics a websitepopup asking people to sign up for your list with a discount.

You have got that fancy popup on your website that is doing all the hard yards,collecting those emails for you. Why not give it a hand and run a retargetingcampaign using a Lead Ad that offers your website visitors an incentive to signup for your list.

3. Use lead ads to contact survey cancelledcustomers.

Cancelled customers are STILL profitable. Use your cancellation workflow totrigger a Facebook Ads campaign trying to find out more from them. This isespecially useful for collecting information you weren’t able to get out of thecustomer initially, such as their phone number. Ask for more info about whatthey ultimately wanted from your subscription– use the custom questions featureto get data points useful to what you want to know (open questions work best).In addition to this why not actually call / email them and get the info fromthe horses mouth. This data can be huuuuuuugely profitable for you.

4. Run a lead ad aimed at suppliers you would liketo do business with.

If you can get a supplier email list, you can upload it to Facebook as a customaudience and target your lead ad towards this customer base. This would be apretty small campaign BUT it would also be highly targeted to the most relevantusers.

This is aneat way of getting the attention of some larger or more specialized suppliers anddemonstrate your commitment to marketing their products.

5. Treat the Lead Ad as a pre-launch landing pageOR a pre-registration for sold out months.

A great feature of Lead Ads is that you can create a Welcome Card at thestart of the ad to act as a landing page. This keeps people directly onFacebook and also allows user to perhaps “pre-register” for your new box (or anupcoming month).

6. Run a lead ad inviting people to sign up for aFB group / email list. 

No audience? No problem! Use the Lead Ad to entice people to sign up for a freecommunity or newsletter around your niche. The reason you would do this overjust running ads to a Facebook Group, is that you can use the Welcome Cardat the start of the lead ad to sell the benefits and features of thecommunity/newsletter – BUILDING TRUST!

7. Use the Lead Ad to promote your customerreferral program.

Yourcurrent customers ARE your best marketing asset. Target ads towards yourcurrent customers or new customers. Ask them to sign up to your referralprogram with one click just by using the Lead Ad. Using a tool like Zapier (myabsolute favorite) to automatically register them into a referral program (ifthey have an integration) plus you can send them an automated email with thereferral program details.

8. Create a lead magnet and promote it with a leadad

LeadMagnets are a term used to describe downloadable content (like a cheat sheet,action plan or PDF) that a user receives in exchange for their email address.You can use a Lead Ad to promote the Lead Magnet and have the user register forit with just one click. Again if you use Zapier or a tool like Leads Bridge youcan automatically sync your leads with your email list to deliver the content.


So thereyou go, 8 creative ways you can use a handy little feature built into theFacebook Ads platform to help you get more customers and grow your list. Thisis by no means exhaustive and you are only limited by your imagination as tohow you can use Lead Ads. If you have used them in another way I’d love to hearabout it, let me know in the comments