How my subscription box got my wife pregnant

This is the story of how startinga subscription business changed my life, allowed me to quit my job and get mywife pregnant (no joke).

I don’tknow about you, but getting my wife up the duff wasn’t exactly the goal when Istarted my Subscription Box – The Whisky Order.

Don’t getme wrong, we wanted kids – badly in-fact. But after several years of trying wehad kinda resigned ourselves that is just wouldn’t happen without IVF or amiracle.

My goalwith the business was really to escape. To build a business where I could workon my own time, for myself, in a business that paid me like clockwork withouthaving to stress out. 

I wantedsomething that would give me the freedom to do what I wanted, which wasbasically travel, play computer games and spend more time with the missus. Notlofty goals, but they were my goals.

You mightbe thinking of creating something similar for yourself. Just a nice little lifewhere time and money are not something you need to stress out about. Andcreating a subscription based business can do exactly that. It pays you everymonth and you can bank on knowing what your income is going to be.

SomethingI don’t talk about too often though is the underlying reasons for wanting tocreate this business/life. It was because I was fundamentally unhappy and itwas affecting me physically.

Imentioned that my wife and I had been trying to have kids for some time, butnothing was happening. We had been checked out and all systems were workingfine. Nobody could figure it out. Yes… I was doing it ‘the right way’for you smart asses out there.

Its onlyin retrospect that I know what was the real cause of the issue. The stress ofmy job was killing my swimmers.

Day inand day out I was stressed out, strung out, tired beyond belief and all I couldsee was another day passing while I sat in front of a computer screen doingstupid reports I hated or getting screamed at by some junkie.

This lifewas killing me mentally and the ability to have a family.

Afterbeing able to run the business on the side for 12 months I decided to make theleap into full time entrepreneurship. The subscription business I had createdwas sustainable, it supported me financially and I knew exactly the amount ofincome I needed to make ends meet. So I took that leap of faith. 

And guesswhat happened.

  • After3 months I stopped feeling tired all the time.
  • After4 months I had started travelling again
  • After6 months I was awesome at Overwatch lol
  • And finallyafter 9 months I got a shaky phone call from my wife when she was at work.“I think I am pregnant…”

 Therest of that day was a blur. We were overjoyed. 

But wefigured out that the stress I had been under fo so long was no longer there. Ididn’t have the dread every day to go to work, I didn’t need to wake up at thecrack of dawn. I didn’t need to crack a beer every Friday because I needed toforce my body to relax.

I wasrelaxed. And I wasn’t stressed.

Don’t getme wrong, there definitely are stressors to business. That is to be expected.But I was in control and I think that’s what made the subconscious change.

So if youare on the fence about wanting to make some significant change in your lifestart taking a look at your life. What is it that you can change? For me it wasmy job and my income. A subscription box changed my life and in November isgiving me a child .

I’vecreated a guide to help you get started, it’s my blueprint for creating a 6figure subscription box business. You can grab your copy here or by clicking anyof the boxes in the sidebar / bottom of this post.

I hopeyou are inspired by this post to start working towards the life you want tolive or at least feel like you are on the right track. Because it’s easy.

You cando this.