How to create a super cheap Sales Funnel using Facebook Video Ads.

Hi therefellow subscription box entrepreneur! One of the common questions I get askedis how do I run Facebook Ads for Subscription Boxes? I know they are awesomebut I can’t seem to get any traction when I run them.

Well,today is your lucky day because I want to share with you how I have beenusing Facebook Video Ads to create a super cheap Sales funnel forMY Subscription Box business.

A littlebit about me: I run a whisky sample subscription box called The Whisky Order.It’s been my baby for the last 2 years and definitely had its ups anddowns. Aside from that I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work running FacebookAds for clients primarily eCommerce stores.

So it’son that topic that I wanted to share some knowledge with ya.

SoFacebook had been really pushing video content lately. Facebook Live is justamazing and the reach on that is insane. If you are not using that to promoteyour brand or business you are definitely missing out. I’ve heard along thegrapevine that the reach will be scaled back in the coming months as big bluemoves to monetize this format.

But,that’s not what I wanted to help you with.

What Iwant to help you with is how to run Facebook Ads for Subscription Boxes bycreating a sales funnel on using Facebook Video Ads. Best of all it’s waycheaper than anything you are doing right now.

This is abastardized funnel that I have picked up from others, twisted it around andmade my own. Can it work for you? Dunno, maybe. You can only try!

I’venoticed that when someone  wants to run Facebook Ads for SubscriptionBoxes on Facebook it looks like this:

  • FacebookAd sending people Content or a Lead Magnet (or even your homepage**shudder). This gives you a  CPC (cost per click) around .20 – $1.50depending on the audience. You are using broad interest based targeting orLookalikes. You basically need decent cash at this stage to make it workat scale.
  • Youthen retarget for those who don’t opt in or view your product (CPC isstill around $0.50 – $2 minimum)
  • Lastly,you then run an ad retargeting people to your box product and your Funnelis  teny tiny small at this stage, only a few hundred people unlessyou have that baller cash – CPC is .50 – $2 AT LEAST)

So on andso forth. If you have tried this before then you know – its quiteexpensive!

Let’s seeif we can get that funnel filled for cheap

 Step 1: Use Video to fill the funnel.

This whole Facebook Ads for Subscription Boxes strategy hinges on using video.So go get some video content happening. It doesn’t have to be long. In fact,the shorter the better. I would aim for 15-30 second videos. The video shouldjust be a bit of an overview of your product or service. Nothing salesy, justenough to create some interest.

This is an example of what I am using for The Whisky Order:

Kindacool hey!

Next: You are going to create an ad in Facebook using the Video ViewsObjective. This will maximize the number of eyeballs on the video and ensurethat Facebook is doing its job effectively by promoting your video towardspeople more likely to watch.

For thisstep I would generally start off with $100 per day in spend, but to be honest,that’s just an arbitrary number. Set you budget to the level you feel comfortablewith for the first few days, you are going to scale this back in the long run.

Now Iwant you to jump over to the Audiences tab in Facebook andcreate this custom audience:

Select Engagementon Facebook 

Select Video

Click inthe box marked Engagement and select the bottom one “People who viewed atleast 95% of your video

Select “ChooseVideos..

Nowjust select all the videos in your list OR the video you wantto promote. Don’t worry about how many views it shows.

Even ifthey say zero. Facebook is drunk.

Hit Create.

Now giveyour audience a really good name. You can be like Steve and just call it:

People who watched 95% of my videos.

If youwant, you can even create a few of these audiences based on how long peoplehave been watching your vids: 75%, 50%, 10 Seconds etc. But for our purpose weare just going to focus on the 95% here.


Ok.That’s it. Step one done. Let that video ad go live!

Targetyour idea customers using Interests or lookalikes. I’m not going deep into Targetingin this post as that is a whole other topic.

What is going to happen is this:

Facebookis going to promote the shit outa your video. At $100 per day you are going toget a LOT of eyeballs watching your stuff. Best of all, it’s really cheap!

In fact,per video view, I would be surprised if you are spending more than .01c.

Here isan example that is live right now for a client, we are getting 3 seconds ofscreen time with a prospect for .004c.

Even I am impressed!

So whatis now happening is instead of paying .20 – $1.50 per click just to remarket orpixel people, you are now getting 10X as many people in the funnel for the sameprice. Good deal huh.

Step 2: Indoctrination

Now let’s have some fun.

You havejust created a massive audience FULL of people who now know about your brand.You haven’t pitched them, but you are now a friendly familiar face.

Let’s start to indoctrinate them into being raving fans.


For thisphase what I’ll do is start promoting the content I am posting on my Facebookfeed. I usually do a mixture of 2-3 funny/content pieces to every 1 promopiece. Everything I post is going to have a link to my site, so I’m alwaysdriving traffic to it, but the primary goal is to get people to like, share andcomment on the post.

For thisI will create another Facebook Ad.

This adwill use the Page Post Engagement (PPE) objective. This means that Facebook isgoing to serve this ad to people who are more likely to engage with the ad onsome level. For every engagement you get it’s like you get bonus points,because your “organic” reach will then be increased on the ad, showing it topeople you haven’t actively targeted (that persons friends).

So whatI’ll do is use the posts I have posted on my feed that are performing the bestand then run THOSE as ads.

Here isan example:

See thesneaky link in there? Oh yeah baby…. guerella link posting = freewebsite traffic

So nowI’ll promote that post using the PPE objective, set the budget for about$10-$15 per day and just keep an eye on it. When I say “keep an eye on it”I am looking for a  big drop off in engagement. If people are liking,sharing and commenting then I am getting massive exposure for next to nothing,so I’ll just keep it running until it drops off.

I’mtargeting the following people with this ad:

  • Fans
  • The95% Audience
  • Anyonewho is sitting in my remarketing custom audience (in the last 180 days)

So what purpose does this serve?

Wellaside from creating massive exposure for your FB page, you will also be pickingup more Fans, engaging with the people who are already familiar with yourcontent and generally starting to create some sense of engagement andfamiliarity with you.


Itdoesn’t have to be a funny post. This is just my own example. It can be ANYform of content.

The pointis to start getting people to trust you, to know you and to understand who youare. All the while sneaking in links to your site and driving traffic to it.

Now. Atthe same time and also being aimed at the same audiences, I’ll start showingoff the products. So for me, I will then also start serving that same audienceads for my upcoming subscriptions. I’m still going to use the PPE objective,because I want to get some of that sweet sweet organic reach. Alternatively,and usually when I forget to promote a post, I’ll use Clicks to Website as theobjective.

This adis really there to start funnelling customers to the site and checking outproducts. I might even run a few promo’s to them like this:

Hey Whisky Order Fan! This month’s tasting packs are being sent out inthe next few days. Don’t miss out. Sign up today and get $10 off.

Orsomething to that effect.

So letslook at what we have done so far:

  • Weare funneling customers into a massive custom audience that we can nowtarget just by using short sharp videos that introduce our product.
  • Nextwe have started to entertain this audience, we crack a joke, make themsmile, share some really cool content and sneakily send them to the site.This is slowly growing our Fanpage as a bonus.
  • Inamongst this we are serving them with some more ads that remind them ofhow they got to know us in the first place. These ads are more direct “buymy shit” style. You can use PPE or Clicks to Website for this ad type.

Step 3: Bend them to your will.

Ok, luckylast. This step is reeeeeaaally easy actually. This is where we follow up withall the people we have been sending to the site (plus anyone who hits the siteorganically and doesn’t purchase).

For aSubscription Box store, this is where you can  start to handle objections.

Using abasic remarketing ad, I would start showing ads that handle the most commonobjections such as price sensitivity or wanting social proof (showing reviews).

This isan example of what I mean. I just used an existing testimonial and pushed thattowards people who had browsed the subscription and not purchased.

 Showthese ads to your audience EVERYWHERE. Anyone who hits your site you want to bestalking them over the interwebs. This is probably the only time I will everyuse Audience Network as a placement for Facebook Ads.

To giveyou an idea of what this process has done for me and my business here is ascreenshot of the Total Facebook Ads spend AND the total conversion value(sales value) from the ads.


Whilethis was a little long winded, the process is pretty simple.

  1. Videogives great reach – use this to your advantage instead of trying to drivepeople to your website first.
  2. Stopasking people to marry you on the first date, show off a little, make themlike you.
  3. Handleobjections and remind them to purchase your shit.

If you have any questions about this process I’m more than happy to help out.

Hugs andkisses