The Subscription Box Start-up Shopping List.

Well folk, here itis. The ultimate Subscription Box shopping list. All the items, tools andlittle things that will make your life easier during packing, shipping and allthe times in between.

It’s the shippinglist I wished someone would have given to me when I first started.

Each of these items,gadgets and goodies have been field tested by Subscription Box entrepreneursall over the world thanks to the help of the students in the SubscriptionAccelerator Program – My private membership community

Without furtherado...

DesktopPacking Tape Dispenser

This baby has savedme hours and hours of fighting with tape. This sounds totally stupid I know,but not having a simple way of dispensing tape, getting it caught on itself,ripping the box because the stupid tape is stupid…

Yeah you get it.Tape is annoying and having a trusty tape dispenser is a MUST.

This is the one Ipersonally use because it fits heavy duty packing tape, weighs a ton, and hasroom for my pens.

Dymo 4XLLabeller

This is a beast of alabel printer. Basically this is s thermal printer which means it doesn’t useink. So the only consumable you use is the labels.

Use this to printout your shipping labels in a nice neat roll and then spend the evening on thefloor slapping these bad boys onto your parcels.

It is SOOO muchquicker using these because it just …works.

Dymo Labels

These are theofficial labels for the dymo and you kinda need them. You CAN get off brandversions but it’s buyer beware.

Shippinglabel 4 pack

These labels aresuper handy if you don’t want to shill out for the Dymo. They print out 4 x ofthe standard shipping label size onto a single sheet of paper. I highly suggestthese if you are just starting out because it gets you going in a costeffective way. Try to buy quality ones because the cheaper ones can have prettybad adhesion to boxes (not something you think of unless you are doing hundredsof boxes at a time).

LazerPrinter – Xerox

Get one just forlabels. I use the Fuji Xerox because it’s cheap to run, prints perfectly andhas a wifi printing option.

Don’t bother with aninkjet, I just find them too unreliable.

Packing tape


Seriously – youboxes need to survive transit trhough the hands of the postal system. You wantyour boxes to be stuck down and never come open. Get the highest rated tape youcan find. Most of the cheap packing tape you can buy tends to peel up, come unstuckand then end up spilling the precious cargo out into the wild.

Don’t cheap out onthis stuff.


This whiteboard hasbeen a saving grace for my forgetfulness. The amounts of times I have arrangedto do something custom for a customer however forgot by the time shipping daycomes around… yeah.

I use this as my“go-to” before I ship anything out.

Needing to add a fewthings to a box “check”

Planning a newfeature for a few months’ time “check”

Need to brainstormideas “check”

These things areG-O-L-D

Big GiantBlack Tubs

I’ve used these tubssince I first started for two reasons:

1 x To hold all thebottles in them when I get hem made up

2 x To store all theboxes for transport when I am taking them to the post office depot

For you, these are agreat way of separating all your stock into “stations” where you can simplepick the item you need as you add it to the box. Having product separation isvital to an effective “pick and pack” session so things don’t get all confused,duplicate products placed in customer boxes and just keeping things neat.


An easy way sosetting up your tubs is to buy a few of these handy folding tables. This willform the “line” in your production line as you or your staff pick and pack allgoods. The good thing about them is that they fold down super neat and caneasily be stored at home. We have 2 x of these plus a massive table. Works atreat.