Weaponized Customer Service

marketing Oct 28, 2017


Today’s topic centres around one of the biggest mistakes I see new business owners make when they start a business: Customer Service.  

Let’s kick this off with a question.

What do you picture in your mind when you think of handling Customer Service in your Subscription Box?


  • Answering annoying emails
  • Handling Order cancellations
  • Solving shipping errors
  • Refunding an order


What about marketing?

Do you ever think about how your customer service can be used as a marketing asset?

No? Well, it should.

In fact you can turn your customer service into an asset so powerful that it makes you more money and there is nothing your competitors can do to stop it.

But only when you do it right.

I’m not going to try and tell you how to suck eggs when it comes to customer service. Because honestly, it’s simple:

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Don’t be petty. Your customers pay you money, your pride doesn’t
  • Long term...
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Your 6 Figure Subscription Box Plan

marketing Jul 21, 2017

What I want to talk to you today is the culmination of the last few years of running a successful subscription box business that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as helping others to do the same. I’ll be sharing a few key insights and then breakdown the 4 “pillars” as I’ve been calling them, into actionable elements that you can use to help grow your subscription box business.

What I have identified

One of the great things about helping other Sub-Boxes with their business have been the ability to take a look under the hood and find out what makes them tick.

I’ve been able to see how they are making some amazing decisions for their business but also where they need to improve before they go out and try to scale their box.

It’s the subscription box business that focus on having systems and processes for every part of their business that are getting the most success. From the before they launched their subscription box they have...

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25 ways to pre launch your subscription box

marketing Jun 23, 2017

The pre-launch phase of building your subscription box is very overwhelming for a lot of entrepreneurs. It’s one of the hardest parts to be honest. I mean look at all the little things you need to do BEFORE you start sending out your first box:

  • Finding suppliers
  • Building the box
  • Finding a damn box
  • Getting a logo
  • Creating a website
  • Getting your sales copy written
  • Finding a good shipping provider
  • Figuring out what the hell you are going to put in the box in the first place.
  • Combine all this with still needing to find customers at the end, it can be really overwhelming!

To help provide a little bit of clarity for those of you in the pre-launch phase, I have created a list of  25 ways you can build a list or an audience that you can use to pre launch your subscription box and get your first paying customers.

This is no means exhaustive, nor is it a list of all things free. These are just a few ways you can start building the momentum you need so you can...

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Onpage SEO for Subscription Boxes

marketing Jun 22, 2017

Something I’m pretty proud of is that I no longer rely on Facebook Ads or PPC to get targeted customers to my Subscription Box website. Each day I get between 60-100 unique visitors (about 3k per month) to my Subscription Box website thanks to Google, all for free. And this is pretty much all thanks to good onpage SEO

For those that don’t know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of getting Google or Bing (or whatever your search engine of choice is) to rank your Subscription Box website higher in the search rankings, you are aiming for the coveted Number 1 spot. OnPage SEO is the process of making sure your website can be read by google easily and it actually KNOWS what your site is all about.



Now this isn’t something that happened overnight. In fact, it took a good 3-6 months before I actually started seeing any fruits of this labor, however it wasn’t really that hard to accomplish.


Before we begin...

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How to write sales copy for your Subscription Box

marketing Jun 20, 2017

Not sure how to write the sales copy for your Subscription Box?

Here is a quick way you can steal highly converting sales copy from the worlds No 1 online retailer - ethically.

So writing sales copy is one of those things that is harder than it should be. I mean, we have no trouble talking about our business with friends and family, even getting them excited about it. But when it comes to writing that shit down.
**queue fail trombone**

Well, here is a quick and dirty way of getting copy that resonates with your target audience AND solves their pain points.


1. Go to Amazon.com

Just type it into your address bar.


2. Search for your product or niche on Amazon.

In this example I'm going to use Coffee and wouldn't you believe it, Amazon now has a Coffee Subscription Subscription (because did you know, Amazon now offers Subscription Box products).
Find one with the highest amount of 5 star reviews AND one with the highest amount of 1 star reviews.


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