How to source products for your subscription box

products Jun 23, 2017

Welcome Subscription Entrepreneurs. Today’s post is all about how to source products for your subscription box. Let’s dive right in.

Something I see come up in a lot of the Subscription Box groups is that new box owners tend to find it hard sourcing products OR just don’t know where to look to find new suppliers. So I wanted to help you out and show you that it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

When I first started trying to find suppliers, I had this tenancy to over complicate things. I kept thinking that I needed some insider knowledge to find these mythical suppliers who would work with me. Truth is, that’s not the case.

Suppliers are becoming more and more accustomed to handling in sample size volumes, large orders of a single unit and have an understanding of how Subscription Boxes work.

Here’s a basic guide to sourcing the products/suppliers you need to create your monthly subscription box.

1. Before you can source products...

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