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Interested in growing your membership base? Here are a few of the successful campaigns I have implemented for other online and offline businesses


Create and scale eCommerce campaigns  - Strong Lift Wear

Strong Lift Wear enlisted me to provide Facebook Ads Strategy and implementation. Using a combined Video and Link Post campaign targeted towards their super-fans, I was able to generate a 10X ROI on ad spend. 


Increase Member Numbers using a custom Facebook Ads campaign - Neiru

Neiru hired me to produce and manage a Facebook Ad funnel for a membership site. The goal was to increase sign ups and MRR for the site. 

This campaign generated an extra $4800 in Monthly Recurring Revenue for the client within 60 days. 


Increase member numbers by creating a Lead Generation funnel - CrossFit Artax

CrossFit Artax approached me to help increase the membership base using a targeted lead generation campaign. Previous results were sub-par and the client sought rapid results. 

I implemented a Direct Response advertising campaign to generate a large amount of leads in 7 days. These leads were quality leads and provided the client with a 40% conversion into paying monthly members. 


Startup Stars Finalist - The Whisky Order

This was an extremely proud moment for me. My own Subscription Business - The Whisky Order was a finalist in The Weekly Review's Startup Stars competition. This was an amazing experience that allowed me to try my hand at pitching my business to investors, journalists and anyone who would listen.


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